To develop a habit of addiction to a given drug, attitude or a cause is a gradual process, and it is a thing if not taken care of properly, it will eat deep into the fabrics of the victim! Addiction to a given drug is a very bad issue in its entire ramification. This article is centered on this terrible social malady which is fast eating into humanity and it’s telling effect of large proportion.


After an individual has gotten addicted to a habit, the next line of action to follow is to see how that addict can be rehabilitated and restored back to his primary state of lucid mind. Addictiveness to a habit is a terrible disease, and there is no two ways or other names that can be used to describe it other than that an addict is seriously under the attack of an illness!


There are at times that an addict will relapse back into his state of insanity of mind, after being through series of treatment from a certain rehabilitation home or another. The simple interpretation of that is that such rehabilitation process isn’t working out in the life of that addict. We must be very careful at concluding almost immediately, in our mind that, such an addict is not capable of being treated and getting his healing perfected. That is not the case, and in most cases, it is not so! It must be stressed that that addict is yet to meet the treatment that is effective and sufficient enough to meet his or her healing requirements.


It is of great significance that an addict must be exposed to broad psychological therapies such that are available other than few which are not effective and relevant to his healing process. If we must be honest with ourselves, it is suggested that rehab centers should endeavor to extend the healing process to the members of the immediate family of the addicted. In so doing, facts about the genesis of the addiction will be made known. This again will go a very long way at proffering healing solutions available to the patient.


You may not know the intensity of addiction to a particular habit. It is important therefore to stress that, it is not a sickness that should be handled with a lightness of hand. I am of this opinion due to the fact that the addictive disease is a complex one! Needless to say, we can not underestimate its consequences when and if it is to be quantified in physical, mental, social health, emotional and well-being of the of the patient.


If all of the above-suggested steps are neglected by the rehab home, then there is a tendency that, the patient will in no time relapse back into the previous state of a recluse. It is, therefore, my strong recommendation that rehab home should endeavor to do a very thorough job when rehabilitating its patient.